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As Republicans in Kent County...

WE BELIEVE the strength and dignity of our County lies with its citizens. Each individual’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.

WE BELIEVE the government's first responsibility is to protect the citizens of our County from criminal activity. We must continue and strengthen the battle against the proliferation of drug trafficking and its associated crime while ensuring victims’ rights throughout the judicial process.  As government is a consumer and not a producer of goods and productive services, it is incumbent upon government to be most judicious in its spending of taxpayer's dollars.  

WE BELIEVE balanced budgets without the use of tax increases are essential to efficient government. Imposing fiscal discipline on the budget process will eliminate costly, overlapping and unnecessary programs and procedures.  Individuals should keep more of the fruits of their labor.  As individual consumers spending accounts for approximately 80% of our GDP (gross domestic product), it is those expenditures that grow the economy, provide jobs, finance new ideas and products that have made this country the envy of the world.  The more government takes from its citizens, the less disposable income is available to keep the free market growing.

WE BELIEVE we must look to growth industries to increase our tax base and provide jobs for the future. Kent County government has an obligation to its citizens to manage growth and development in order to maintain a high quality of life.

WE BELIEVE we must provide safe, clean and orderly schools where our children can obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for tomorrow’s job market. Parents must be accountable for their child’s school attendance, homework completion and behavior problems. When education receives 50% of our local tax dollars, there should be greater accountability by the Board of Education and greater local control of curriculum. An exemplary education system will require a joint effort of parents, educators and the community.

WE BELIEVE the Chesapeake Bay deserves aggressive protection, but that a healthy economy and a clean environment are not mutually exclusive. When making environmental decisions, economic impact must be considered. A sensible balance must be achieved that addresses environmental concerns along with the needs and wishes of our citizens.

AS KENT COUNTY REPUBLICANS, we adhere to the core Republican values of family, individual freedom and initiative, lower taxes and limited government.

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"Socialism only works in 2 places -
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