Our Candidates

Note: Statements are sent from the candidates themselves or from their website statement; we cannot vouch for the veracity of the statements nor are we endorsing any one candidate.

Important advice: Even if there is only one Republican candidate listed on the ballot (“unopposed”), be sure to fill in the circle next to their name; stealth candidates may do a write-in campaign against your candidate relying on most people to leave unopposed candidates unmarked.

Candidates for Governor of Maryland

Dan Cox statement:

Dan Cox is a husband, father of 10 children with his wife Valerie, with whom he has been blessed and married to for 26 years. He is a Republican conservative candidate for Governor of Maryland endorsed by President Donald J. Trump.

“I am a leading voice fighting for the lives and livelihoods of all Marylanders.”

A lifelong Marylander, Cox has served the People of Maryland as a small businessman, 16+ years Constitutional attorney, and State Delegate. I served as the elected President of a Maryland Town Council, overseeing and solving complex environmental and infrastructural problems without raising taxes.

His House bill to reduce all overreaching laws passed unanimously. He sponsored and co-sponsored legislation to stop our “sanctuary state” policies, end human and sex trafficking, and keep registered sex offenders away from schools. “I am a stalwart fighter for the Second Amendment including “shall issue” permits.”

As one of President Trump’s volunteer lawyers in Philadelphia during the 2020 election he led the fight for election integrity.

During 2020-2022 he led the Legislative effort in the General Assembly to end the unconstitutional lockdowns with his Consent of the Governed Act and HJ 2 – to End the overreaching State of Emergency. He is currently fighting the unlawful mandates for the EUA jab.

“I will govern with constitutional integrity and offer a five point “Contract for Maryland First” that is founded in our individual liberty interests to protect and defend every Marylander of all persuasions, and to advance America First policy objectives.”
Authority: Dan Cox for Governor; Walter Charlton, Treasurer.

Kelly Schulz statement:

Maryland is at a crossroads — and we need leaders we can trust and who will fight for our families, our businesses, and our communities.  

We have made great progress these past 7 years by moving Maryland in the right direction — and we cannot afford to go back to the O’Malley days of taxing everything — including the rain. 

Because I can promise you this. Every one of my opponents is going to raise your taxes.

And that is why I’m running for Governor.  

The truth is when I was 20 years old, pregnant, newly married, and waiting tables I never dreamed I’d run for Governor. 

But my experience, as a mother, small business owner, delegate, Cabinet Secretary, and even a waitress has made me uniquely qualified to be your next Governor.

I’m running to make Maryland more affordable for families and small businesses. I will fight every effort by the legislature to raise taxes — and I will use my platform and position to fight for tax cuts — every single year I am in office

I will stand with parents and teachers to hold school systems and unions accountable so that our children can get the world-class education they deserve. And to make sure your tax dollars are spent in the classroom – and that our kids are there too. 

As your governor, I will fight every day to end this violent crime epidemic so you and your family can feel safe in your community. — And I promise to stand with the men and women in law enforcement and to get them better funding and training to help them do their jobs.

I am running to stand up for every hardworking Marylander — every working family — every parent who wants to give the best opportunity to their children — and every retiree who wants to stay in the state they love. 

I hope you will join me to fight for Maryland’s future. Maybe we can even make a little history along the way.

Robin Ficker statement:

“I am Maryland’s top civic activist having placed 25 initiatives on the ballot which have received 2,537,403 votes.  These initiatives have imposed term limits, limits on property tax revenue increases and would end garbage dumps and sewage-sludge trenching in residential zones.   I am a lifelong Marylander, and the only farmer, veteran and MD real estate broker in the race.”

“I am the only candidate to call for a meaningful $780/yr/household, 2 cent, tax cut, making MD the first state to ever cut its sales tax.  This fiscal stimulus will act as a lure to bring the large companies to Maryland, which have been shunning the Maryland Department of Commerce and Ms. Schulz.  Amazon, Apple, Boeing, Facebook, Global Foundries, Google, Hyundai, Intel, Microsoft, Nucor Steel, Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor, Tesla, Texas Instruments, and Toyota have approved multi-billion-dollar expansions in other states, under the passivity of Ms. Schulz and the sleepy Maryland Department of Commerce recently.  Our Jobs Strikeforce will bring well-paying jobs back to Maryland.”


Jim Shalleck statement

As Attorney General, Jim’s priority will be reducing crime. He has the background and experience to accomplish his goal. Jim moved to Maryland in 1989 to work as a prosecutor in the United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division. Before that, he was an Assistant Attorney General in New York. Before that, Jim was an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx, New York for 12 years. During his time in the D.A. office, he served for 10 years in the Homicide Bureau prosecuting murder, manslaughter, and negligent homicide cases. He was promoted to Chief of the Homicide Bureau, supervising a staff of about 20 lawyers in the investigation and prosecution of over 400 homicides a year. Jim prosecuted David Berkowitz, the “Son of Sam” killer for three Bronx murders. After leaving the Justice Department in 1994, Jim has been in private law practice in Montgomery County, Maryland.

“I know what crime does to families. I know the sound a mother makes when I had to tell her that her child was murdered. This must stop.”

Jim will create a Major Offense Bureau of about 40-50 Assistant Attorneys General to assist or replace State’s Attorneys in cities and counties where the most violent and repeat offenders are not being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No plea bargaining or deals with these offenders. They must be carved out of the system and prosecuted for maximum penalties.

Regarding non-violent drug addicts, mentally ill offenders, youngsters, veterans with mental scars, they must be given therapy, counseling, drug treatment and other diversionary programs to help them into a law-abiding and productive life.

The Attorney General must join in the fight to reduce crime. It is a civic and moral obligation.

MICHAEL ANTHONY PEROUTKA is a former Anne Arundel County Councilman.  Elected in 2014, he represented District Five and was elected Council Chairman in 2018. Michael graduated from Loyola College (now University) in Maryland in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.  In 1981, he graduated from the University of Baltimore, School of Law.  Following his admission to the bar, he briefly served in a legal capacity for the Department of Health and Human Services before partnering with his brother, Stephen, in the law firm of Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A. of Pasadena, Maryland.  After 27 years as a principal in the firm, Mr. Peroutka retired from private practice. 

In 2004, Michael Anthony Peroutka was the Constitution Party’s candidate for President of the United States of America.  He ran on a platform that sought to Honor God, Protect the Family, and Restore the Republic.  As co-founder of The Institute on the Constitution, a nation-wide program teaching the principles incorporated in the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution and the Maryland Constitution, Michael has taught and lectured in Maryland and across the country about law, liberty and government related topics. He has three grown children and lives with his wife, Natalie, in Millersville, Maryland.

Constitutional Government Must Be Restored


  1. The next Attorney General of Maryland must act to protect the liberties of Marylanders by:
    1. investigating and seeking indictments against those who have misused public office to violate the God-given and Constitutionally protected rights of the people.
    1. investigating and seeking indictments against business entities that have colluded with malfeasant public officials to deny the rights of individuals.
  2. The next Attorney General must act to secure the God-given and Constitutionally protected right of the people to act in self-defense and defense of family, community, and country by ensuring that the right of individuals to keep and bear arms is not infringed.
  3. The next Attorney General must act to restore the dignity of all human life by acting to protect the lives of all persons including the pre-born and the elderly.
  4. The next Attorney General must act to restore election integrity by:
    1. investigating discrepancies and anomalies in recent elections in Maryland
    1. conducting a comprehensive review of election methods and processes to ensure fairness, openness, and transparency.
    1. investigating and seeking indictment against those who have violated the public trust by falsifying or attempting to falsify election processes or results
  5. The next Attorney General must act to protect Marylanders from those who have entered The United States and our State unlawfully or under false pretenses as well as those who have unlawfully colluded with them to do so.


John Thormann statement:

My name is John Thormann. I’m a conservative Republican and a candidate for the nomination for the United States Senate from Maryland. I’m seeking the nomination because Our Country is headed in the wrong direction. The Marxist, Socialist democrats are trying to fundamentally change America and take us away from our founding principles of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. They place the government over God, the individual, and the family. I know the enemy. They call themselves progressives, environmentalists, antifa, and BLM– to name a few. They attack our freedom from every angle with every chance they get. I am ready to fight the enemy and the DC swamp.

I believe in America. I believe America has always been great. I believe America’s best days are ahead of us. I believe together, we can make America great again. Briefly about me:

  • Veteran of the US Army
  • Small-business owner
  • A wide range of valuable experience and a unique perspective into the American economy. I know what it takes for businesses to prosper, create jobs, and take care of employees.
  • www.thormann4senate.com

I am just like most of you. I have a beautiful family that I am very proud of. I am a father, a son, a brother, and a friend. I have faith in God of the Bible and he has blessed me. Now it’s time for me to give back to my community, to my state, and to my country.

Let me put that experience to work for Maryland, representing you in the United States Senate. I’ll tirelessly work for all Marylanders to help set the conditions for everyone to have an equal opportunity to live the best life they can achieve. Please vote for me in the primary. You can count on me to support and promote the policies that are beneficial to you, your family, and all your loved ones.

There is a better way forward – America First

Economic recovery:

  • Energy independence, more American-produced energy, to reduce the price at the pump and inflation
  • Cut government spending. Stop printing and borrowing
  • Remove and reduce burdensome regulations

Defend freedom and democracy:

  • Maintain a strong national defense
  • Secure the border, build The Wall
  • A strong economy is necessary for a strong defense

Protect the future:

  • School choice. Neutralize the teacher’s unions
  • Protect our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights
  • Term limits for Congress

The primary is fast-approaching and I am working hard every day to spread our conservative message to as many Marylanders as possible. You can help. Don’t waste this once in a lifetime chance to beat the democrats and turn a blue seat red. www.thormann4senate.com

George Davis

I am a retired test engineer.  My job was to see how systems worked and if they would fulfill the needs to the customer that they were supposed to fill.  I found the problems, and possible solutions so the customer got what they wanted.

I never ran or even was involved in politics until now. I am tired of the crybabies in Washington, and their lies.  When I retired, I tried to contact over 100 Congressmen and Senators showing where the lies were, and no one wanted to listen. I’m tired of the bickering in DC.  The Demarcates fight the Demarcates. The Republicans are fighting the Republicans.  How can anything get done? Also, the amount of lies about every issue is growing.  Look at President Reagan and President Clinton, the opposing party control party or all the Congress and Senate, yet they managed to get things done.  How? Simple, they gave a little and they got a little.  It is called politics– not dictatorship.  I was fed up and could not stand it anymore, so I am running. Someone said “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.“ I decided to do something. I got into the race to get the truth out.

So many actions are done by Government, but the truth is:

1)       Climate change is real, but DC makes it a lie, a con, and a disaster all rolled into one.

2)       Green energy is called green because they take the green out of your pocket and put it into theirs.  But it destroys the environment, destroys the economy, and kills at least 250K children a year.

3)       Recycling as it is done now, destroys the environment and destroys the economy.

4)       Cattle are not causing the methane levels to rise.

5)       Sea level rise has only risen 2 to 3 mm since 1970, so no flooding has occurred from sea level rise.

6)       We may have to drill in the Artic to save the Artic.

7)       Police are very tolerant to minorities.

8)       Racism and Critical Race Theory is 80 to 90 percent a lie.

9)       The COVID mandates are opposite of the law governing AIDS and TB.

10)     The Democrats are conning their base.

11)     High Speed rail will fail within one week of operation.

12)     Electric cars that use Lithium will fail within 20 to 30 years. 

These conclusions are based on facts, go to ELECTGEORGEDAVIS.ORG to get the facts.

Maryland State Senate District 36

Heather Lynette Sinclair was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She has spent the last decade working with Republicans in several states as a “citizen lobbyist” and advocate to write and pass legislation to protect peoples’ rights and to make healthcare and government more transparent and accountable. Her favorite job is Mom to two handsome, intelligent boys ( 18 and 13).

“I want the people of District 36 to know that there is someone who has a proven track record of fighting for the rights of people in Maryland as well as in other states. I have the legislative experience and life experience that I intend to use to put the best interests of the people on this state’s agenda.

Our rights, our families, our children, have been under attack. We can no longer tolerate a political system controlled by special interests that rewards those who work solely to benefit their own interests. Join me in the fight to protect our Constitution and the future for our children and grandchildren.

As your State Senator, I will be committed to: protecting and re-establishing your rights (I am pro-2A); election integrity and Voter I.D.; lower taxes; supporting agriculture and the Bay; being responsive to your concerns and needs; and giving District 36 a real voice in the legislature.“

To learn more about Heather, visit HeatherLynetteSinclair.com 

Kent County Commissioner

Ron Fithian:

A native of Rock Hall, Ron Fithian, has served his community for over 24 years. He’s proud to say he’s a father to a son, three daughters, and nine grandchildren, the oldest having just graduated from Kent County High School and the youngest beginning Pre-K this fall. In 1994, Ron was elected Kent County Commissioner, and in 1997, he left the seafood industry to serve as the Town Manager for Rock Hall. For the next 21 years, he balanced both positions, enthusiastic about seeing Kent County thrive. His approach has been, and will continue to be, comprehensive, as he takes into account how agriculture, academics, environment, and economics are impacted by the decisions we make.

In 2020, Governor Hogan honored him with the title of Chesapeake Bay Ambassador for his work with the Clean Chesapeake Coalition and his commitment to preserving and maintaining one of our area’s most valuable resources: the Chesapeake Bay. His involvement in several county projects, and his experience with town and county governments, and many contacts within various branches of Maryland state government, Ron is a well-rounded candidate, fully prepared to govern Kent County in the future.

John F. Price

I am a lifelong resident of Kent County.  I have been married to Sharon for 40 years and have 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters. I have proudly served as the elected Sheriff of Kent County for 7 terms, with a total of 43 years in local law enforcement.  I am a graduate of the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy and the National Sheriff’s Institute, and a past President of the Maryland Sheriff’s Association.

If given the opportunity to serve as one of the next Kent County Commissioners, I will work to assure the safety of our county by supporting quality law enforcement, fire and EMS services.  I will also strive to maintain quality education for our students and fair compensation for our teachers and support staff, while demanding accountability for our investment.  I believe smart economic growth with the appropriate infrastructure will be critical to the future of the county, and we should look for opportunities to expand the tax base through residential and commercial development in designated areas, such as Worton and the 301 corridor.  As always, I will be accessible and responsive.  I pledge to be a good listener and use sound judgment in making decisions that are in the best interest of all citizens of Kent County. 

My name is Bob Jacob and I am a current county commissioner. I was born and raised in Rock Hall. I have two kids and have been married for 26 years. My employment has included waterman, carpenter, machinist, mechanical design engineer, and currently I own and operate a Job Shop machine shop for 20+ years. We have 23 employees located in about a 12,000 ft building on Mary Morris Road. I started this business in my garage as a cottage industry. I believe in investing and giving back to the community.

On the local level, I spent 5 years on the economic development board. Nine years ago, I realized how important creating a good tax base was for the count,y which is part of the reason I ran for county commissioner. When I am not working, doing county business, or fishing, I am a member of the Sons of the American Legion in Betterton.

Kent County Public Schools Board of Education

Gale Biography provided by candidate:

William (Willy) Gale is a descendant of one of the first families to settle in Kent County, way back in 1665. His family has resided here on the peninsula continuously since then.  Today Willy’s family is dispersed throughout the Chesapeake and Maryland regions, and some of his siblings continue to live on the shores of the Chesapeake. Willy has spend almost his entire life here in Kent County.  Like many of his generation, after graduating from The Hill School in Pottstown, PA, he took to the road to explore America.  He had brief stints in Florida and in the majestic Montana where he attended the University of Montana to study Wildlife Biology.  The lure of the Eastern Shore was ever present, and Willy has always returned to his home base in Kent County. 

Willy is married to his wife Kimberly of 25 years, and they share a son, Ben Page, who attends Kent County High School.  It was through the engagement with his son’s education that Willy became increasingly interested in the school system.  Seeing what is demonstrably a steady decline in the school system’s performance over the past decade, Willy decided to get involved.

Willy has been self-employed for most of his adult life.  His current company, Wildlife Damage Control, will be familiar to many of our rural residents throughout Kent as well as neighboring jurisdictions.

Willy’s public engagement and his commitment to public service extend over a period of some twenty years:

  1. He has served on the Public Landing and Facilities Board for two terms.  This board was established by the Kent County Commissioners with a mission to regulate Public Water Landings.
  2. He has served as the Commodore for the Tea Party Festival Raft Race for over 25 years.
  3. He served as the President of the Elk’s Lodge, #2474 for two terms, and continues to serve as a liaison between the Board and the members of the community.
  4. He is the co-founder of the Kent County Coalition for the Homeless.
  5. He is a member of the Saint Paul Episcopal Church in Chestertown.

Willy is most proud of his role as a co-founder of the Kent County Coalition for the Homeless.

One has to “walk the walk” not just “talk the talk”, Willy is fond of saying.

He has set an example for caring and compassion in our community.

William (Willy) Gale Mission/Objectives Statement

What is education? Education is that institution, that process in any society that introduces the children to the collective shared heritage, history, and culture. The primary and secondary educational establishment in the US was designed to provide future citizens with basic competency in reading, writing and math, and a level of patriotism and love of country that enables a cohesive, mutually respectful citizenry.

Our schools at present are not quite living up to these ideals.  When we look at the performance data for Kent County Schools, especially in the area of traditional three Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic — they are concerning.  We must assure that we provide all of our students with a tool-box to succeed in the increasingly complex world, where all jobs require basic math, language, and information processing skills. We are re-directing scarce educational resources away from the basics, and that needs to change.

While 44% may test ready to continue their education, what about the remainder?  These numbers need to improve, not be celebrated.  Every child is a gift, and every child has a gift and a potential that needs to be encouraged, nurtured, and guided.

On the social sciences front the situation is even more dire.  Instead of teaching our students about the greatness of this country we are teaching them to apologize for it.  Instead of teaching love of country whose founding documents state that  “all men are created equal and endowed by our creator with inalienable rights”, we are teaching division.  That too has to stop.

Our founding documents are studied around the world as shinning examples of freedom, justice and liberty, yet they are denigrated in our own schools. That simply has to stop.

America has its warts, we all do, but this country has been a beacon of hope for millions of immigrants from around the world — we should teach our young about America’s openness, generosity and grandness of purpose.  America has always been, and we must assure that it continues to be, a “land of opportunity”, and all opportunity begins with an education.

I’m running to restore some fundamental perspective in our schools on who and what America is, and to do what I can to improve performance statistics in Kent County Schools.  Sadly, Kent County Schools performance rates in the bottom 50% in the state of Maryland, yet in has one of the highest per student funding rates.

If elected I will insist on:

  1. Curriculum Transparency
  2. Parental Bill of Rights
  3. Financial Accountability
  4. Performance Accountability

I ask you to consider me for your vote for the Board of Education.

I promise to fight for our children and their education. I’m a proud father of a student in the Kent County Schools.

Tracy Cameransi statement:

My name is Tracy Cameransi and I am running for the Kent County Board of Education.  As a wife, mother and educator, I believe in this community.  One of the best decisions our family made was to move from Cecil County, MD to Kent County, MD.  I currently hold a position as the Marketing Pathway teacher at Smyrna High School in Kent County, DE.  Prior to my teaching career, I owned and operated a Personal Assistance Service Agency in the State of Delaware.  I worked with legislative leaders and the Department of Health and Licensing to write the regulations for Personal Assistance Service Agencies to provide affordable quality care for the elderly and disabled. 

I believe that one of the cornerstones of any community is the school.  I want to do my part to see that Kent County Public Schools succeed in every way.  One thing that I think that everyone can agree on is that we want the students of Kent County to receive the best education so that they can be good stewards of society.  I know the value of education and how important it is to listen.  I will listen to the people of Kent County with an open mind.  I can address issues regarding the fundamentals of education for our students, empowering parents, ensuring student success for all students, supporting teachers and staff, and promoting financial accountability.  My motto is, “students should learn How to Think, not What to Think.” I welcome open dialogue on opposing views which can stimulate creative solutions to the complex issues our school district is facing.

My vision for education is:  “Responsibility”, “Community”, and “Self-Determination.”

Let us start to refocus and prepare the students for informed citizenship.  Let our parents, grandparents and guardians see the curriculum that is being taught each year.  Let us rekindle young minds in the understanding of American History, including the types of history that can instill love of country, all while acknowledging past failings and present challenges.

“Let us continue to teach character, virtue and morality.  A core attribute of sound character is self-discipline.  Educators are becoming burned out over discipline issues within the classroom.  All students have the right to learn, but when disciplinary actions inhibit teaching, all children suffer.  The way to educate our children is to come together and work together in the interest of the student and remember that each student may bring their own attributes and challenges.  We must work together to assure that we are sending these students out into the world equipped with the knowledge, respect, humility, and responsibility that will allow them to achieve great things.”

Judge of the Orphans Court

Susan Pritchett statement:

I was a banker for most of my processual life.  I received an award from Bank of America Institute for outstanding Leadership 1972-73.  In 2000 I began working for Heron Point in the Marketing Department.  I was in Administration & Human Resources for our local Hospital, retiring in 2010.  In 2021 I was appointed by Governor Hogan to the position of Judge of Orphan’s Court to the present.

I am very active in our community through local organizations, such as past Chapter Chairperson of the American Red Cross for Kent County, very active in Emmanuel Episcopal Church and the Daughters of the American Revolution to mention a few. When elected I will continue to follow the laws pertaining to the Court, assuring that all cases are handled fairly and see that the beneficiaries receive what is entitled to them.