Kent County, Maryland

"The future doesn't belong to the faint hearted; it belongs to the brave."
Ronald Reagan


About Us

The ROK Club is open to registered Republicans regardless of their political leanings within the Republican Party, free from factional entanglements. It provides a platform that enables communication and sharing of thoughts and concerns regarding local and national governance.

The ROK adheres to the core Republican values of family, individual freedom and initiative, lower taxes, and limited government.


  • COVID: a little something to refresh everyone’s memory
    (All of this happened BEFORE we had even one death in the US) 1/6 CDC issues travel advisory for Wuhan.1/11 CDC tweets about corona related “pneumonia outbreak in China”1/14 WHO tweets that there is no evidence of human to human transmission.1/17 CDC started doing health screenings at 3 airports of travelers from China.1/21 first case […]
  • What I’m voting for…
    In just two months, it will be over.  The U.S. presidential election, I mean. Not the end of the world.  But maybe the end of our nation, as we have known it.  No I will not be voting for Biden…. I am not voting for a man.  I am not rallying for a personality.  I am not pushing a person.  At […]
  • News updates coming soon
    The Republicans of Kent will post news updates relevant to Kent County. Check back to follow current events.