Maryland state flag blowing in the wind on flag pole against blue sky

Kent County, Maryland

"The future doesn't belong to the faint hearted; it belongs to the brave."
Ronald Reagan

About Us

The ROK Club is open to registered Republicans regardless of their political leanings within the Republican Party, free from factional entanglements. It provides a platform that enables communication and sharing of thoughts and concerns regarding local and national governance.

The ROK adheres to the core Republican values of family, individual freedom and initiative, lower taxes, and limited government.


  • 500,000 Potential Fraudulent Unemployment Claims in last 6 weeks!!
    For immediate release: June 21, 2021Contact:Fallon Pearre410-230-6241Maryland Has Detected Over 500,000 Potentially FraudulentUnemployment Claims In Last Six Weeks Over 1.3 Million Claims Investigated By Department of Labor Confirmed FraudulentMarylanders Should Remain Vigilant to Protect Themselves Against Scams BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Department of Labor (Labor) today announced that the department has detected over 508,000 fraudulent new unemployment insurance claims since the beginning […]
  • Thank You For Keeping Us Safe!
  • Kent Island Patriots and Gordana Schifanelli, Esq. on Fox – QAC School Racism Claims
    The first link is to the Fox video clip. The second link to the Washington Times tells a little about her very interesting story!
  • Murders And Shootings Skyrocketed in Portland After George Floyd’s Death and the Defunding of the Police
    The attacks on Portland Police have led to an increase in violent crime. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus) Originally published in PJ Media A staggering number of murders and shootings took place in Portland, Oregon, after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis touched off violent riots across America. Many of the most violent riots occurred in […]
  • The Border Crisis May Be Coming to Your Kids’ School!
    March 17, 2021 Commentary The Biden administration is scrambling to shelter thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border from Central America. The media are declaring the crush at the border a “crisis.” Truth is, this crisis could be heading to your school district. If your kids are in public school or you pay school […]